‘Telo’ to be performed at RADA Festival 2017 & The Space Theatre

Exciting things are happening! I will have my first full-length play Telo performed at the RADA Festival 2017 on Saturday 8th July! My 70-minute play will take audiences on a journey into the world of a telo: a rent by the hour love hotel which people frequent for all sorts of sordid reasons. From a quick Friday night hook-up; to an extramarital affair; to an illegal business deal. What happens behind these four walls, stays behind these four walls… right?

WRONG. Of course! But that’s as much as you’ll be getting from me in this little blog post, as you’ll have to come watch the play in all its sordid glory on July 8th at the Gielgud Theatre at RADA: https://www.rada.ac.uk/whats-on/rada-festival-2017/sales/Telo


Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 22.17.51

This particular piece of work has been a long time in the making and was actually my Sustained Independent Project (SIP/ Dissertation) whilst undertaking my MA at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in 2015. The play has been through numerous drafts and is now at the stage where I am ready to share with the world what has been brewing in my brain for the last few years… please note this play is a work of fiction! (Or is it…?)

Jokes aside I am incredibly excited to have the piece performed and even more excited to have the play directed by the very talented Ellie Clare Taylor. Ellie is a wonderful director who I first met when she directed my short play Unconscious Uncouplings, which was performed at TheatreN16.


Prior to Telo’s RADA performance the piece will receive a rehearsed reading at The Space Theatre as part of ScriptSpace on Sunday June 4th. I am very excited to hear the piece come off the page for the first time in this event and hope to utilise the workshop as a means to get the script to where it needs to be for the RADA performance. Details of the FREE rehearsed reading can be found here: https://space.org.uk/event/scriptspace/ .

I really hope that both the RADA performance and the rehearsed reading with The Space are the start of good things to come for this play, as I truly believe it’s a piece worth putting on. As a playwright I write a lot of work and I am the first to call myself out for a poor piece of writing. But I think Telo will really appeal to a contemporary audience interested in questioning the morals of the world we live in today. My aim for the piece is to ignite a debate on social, political and cultural questions. The piece explores a plethora of themes and issues: from gender expectations; to the working class versus the elite; to an exploration of modern day slavery. I aim for the piece to be a smorgasbord of debate and conversation. Perhaps it is trying to do too much, or perhaps it is doing just enough to ask these important questions and leave audiences filling in the gaps for themselves. We shall see.

I cannot wait to see what these next few months hold for Telo and I look forward to seeing my characters and stories come to life on the boards of The Space, the Gielgud and hopefully many more theatres to come.

To keep up-to-date with all my theatre going’s on, please feel free to follow me on Twitter: @Megan_Fellows 


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